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Middle Andaman Island belongs to the North Andaman administrative division and is part of the Indian territory. The island belongs to the Great Andaman chain and is situated 73km north from the city of Port Blair. It is recognized as the central island of the Great Andaman archipelago of India with a total area of 1536km square.

Middle Andaman is separated from North Andaman by a strait called Austen Strait. The island coastline was inundated by the tsunami of 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake. The demographics of Middle Andaman consist of Tamil, Bengali and Keralite migrants.

At present, the island has become home for many indigenous Jarawa people. The Jarawa population is estimated to be around 250 to 400 individuals. They are an indigenous population along with other Andamanese people.

You can reach Rangat, a famous town in the Andaman by boarding a bus from Port Blair that will take approximately 6 to 7 hours. The road to Rangat passes through Jarawa reserves on the west coast of Middle Andaman. From Neil, Havelock and Long Island, one can speedboat to arrive at Middle Andaman.

Major attractions of Middle Island include Baratang Island, Limestone Caves, Rangat and more.

Baratang Island

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Baratang Island is at a distance of 100kms by road from the city of Port Blair. The island lies between SouthAndaman and Middle Andaman Islands with beautiful beaches, lush green mangroves, mud volcanoes, and limestone caves.

Limestone cave can be explored only with prior permission from the Forest Department at Baratang Island. You can take help from a local tour guide for a better travel experience. You can arrive at this Island through the Government ferry available from Phoenix Bay Jetty.

Major sightseeing places of Baratang Island are Limestone Caves, Mud Volcano, Parrot Island, etc.

Long Island

Long Island is situated 47 nautical miles from the city of Port Blair, having an area of about 18 It is a modern village having a population of 2000 along with essential facilities. The island has its powerhouse with a well-equipped boat building yard.

The entire area of the island is comprised of senior secondary school, bank, wireless facilities, hospitals, range forest office along with a police outpost. Long Island is a dreamland for travellers visiting Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Attractions of Long Island include tidal swamp forests, unique underwater life, lalaji bay(popularly known as the silvery beach) and more.

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Rangat is the second-largest beautiful town in Middle Andaman Islands. Similar to Mayabunder, the place is a popular spot for tourists to explore the natural beauty. There are unique white sand beaches with some volcanic rocks and pristine sand. The region is a perfect place to witness turtle nesting during December and January.

There are mangroves sanctuaries and awareness centers for visitors to know minute details about the Islands. The town is full of small shops with well-stocked necessary items, food stalls and plenty of tea sellers. The primary occupations of the locals are fishing and cultivation.

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