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Middle Andaman: Rangat

Rangat is a picturesque town in the Middle Andaman region. It is situated at a distance of 210kms from the capital city of Port Blair. Known as the largest town in the Andaman Islands, Rangat remains unexplored and cannot be termed as the busiest tourist spot. It rarely makes an addition to travellers's bucket list but has some beautiful places for exploration.

There exist beautiful beaches, volcanic rocks perfect for turtle nesting from December to January. The place is bestowed with mangrove sanctuaries and awareness centers for visitors to acquire minute details about the place.

This region hosts the longest walking trails among mangrove forests in India. Just after the offset of monsoons you can visit the scenic waterfall and wander around plantation of spices.

How To Reach Rangat?

You can board morning bus services available between Port Blair and Rangat. The route through Andaman Trunk Road(ATR) is very tiring and can take up to seven hours by bus. The bus stand is at the center of Rangat from where all kinds of accommodations options are reachable by foot.

The jetty is at a distance of 10km from the main bazaar. There exist auto-rickshaws and public jeeps as comfortable modes of transportation.

The best time to visit Rangat is during winters that are from November to January. Monsoons can play a spoilsport so better to avoid your visit during Monsoons.

Fishing and cultivation are two primary occupations of the locals residing in Rangat. There are few shops with a well-stocked market, food stalls and plenty of tea sellers.

As the place remain less explored by tourists, locals when they get to see a few tourists coming they might end up charging exorbitant prices.

Major Attractions of Rangat

Rangat is well connected to Port Blair via road as well as by sea. Buses leave from Port Blair early morning and take around 6 to 7 hours to reach Rangat.

A few attractive places to visit Rangat are namely Culbert Bay Beach, Amkunj Bay Beach, Moorys Daare, Panchavati Hills, and Long Island.

Culbert Bay Beach

This remains an unexplored shoreline with beautiful perspectives and scenic environment. It lets you perceive a clear skyline and the mammoth ocean.

The primary motivation to visit the place is a grand shoreline. This beach remains a well known settling ground for turtles amid the period of December and January.

Amkunj Beach

The best thing about Amkunj Beach has to be the most renowned shoreline. It's a stunning sight for visitors to explore. The extension of white sands and blue ocean waves reflects breathtaking views. The place is mostly preferred by traveller's for cool and suitable climatic conditions.

Moorys Dare

It's a rocky terrain located every close to the popular Amkunj Beach. This place is a perfect destination for trekking lovers.

Panchavati Hills

If you love to relax amid the serenity of nature, then Panchavati Hills can serve your purpose. The entire area is known for its beautiful waterfalls, the richness of vegetation and the blissful environment.

Long Island

Located on the south coast of Middle Andaman lies the captivating Long Island. It is well-connected to Rangat through Government ferry services. Long Island is home to different activities like scuba diving, snorkelling, swimming, etc.

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Amkunj Beach

amkunj beach middle andaman rangat photos

Amkunj Beach is famous for its shoreline, natural beauty, and bird watching activity. The duration of the visit may take up to 2 to 3 hours and you may find yourself relaxing in the scenic beauty of Middle Andaman.

This beach is a rocky sand beach that welcomes hordes of tourists from December to January. The beach has recently revamped into a natural park and has quite facilities for tourists as well as locals.

The best activity to do on Amkunj Beach has sunbathing amid cool breeze. You can sit quietly and enjoy the sea waves hitting the shoreline.

Snorkelling is also one favourite option for travellers on this beach. You can explore and observe exotic birds along with mangrove trees that lie on the beach.

October to March is the best time to visit Amkunj Beach. The weather is pleasant and you can save yourself from the scorching tropical heat waves. The beach has eco-friendly amenities like eco-huts, benches made of dead logs, log teapoys, and grooves.

Amkunj Beach has an exceptional trait to its pocket which is its shoreline. After the 2004 tidal wave, numerous trees were removed and laid strewn over the shoreline. The trees were later changed over into seats and stools.

Different activities at Amkunj Beach include observing watchtower, sunbathing, birdwatching, and beachcombing. You can plan your trip to this beach with super affordable deals of RSR Tours and Travel.

Dhaninala Mangrove Creek

dhaninala mangrove creek rangat andaman photos

Middle Andaman is a wonderful place for coral reefs, beaches, forests, and mangroves creeks. A unique feature of Middle Andaman is that the mangroves trees or shrubs grow in shallow muddy water.

All the luscious mangroves are mostly seen in North and Middle Andaman. The mangrove creek safari in Middle Andaman can be done in Dhaninalla Mangrove Creek.

It is one of the cleanest white sand beaches of the Andaman Islands. The Mangrove Nature Walk Way is the most preferred nature walk by the travellers during winters.

Known as India's longest walkway, it is the turtle breeding ground from December to January. Dhani Nallah Beach is popular for the nature walkway.

The beach provides an exceptionally scenic view for the travellers. The place is well maintained by the DFO Rangat. The Dhani Nallah walkway is 715mt long and usually takes 10 to 15 minutes to reach the beach.

You get to see a variety of mangroves trees to spot that includes Black Mangroves, Palm Mangroves, Cedar Mangroves, etc.

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