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North and Middle Andaman

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North and Middle Andaman is the least explored in the land of Andaman. Bestowed with an ecologically diverse system the region is a haven for dynamic flora and fauna.

It is under the Indian Union Territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands where Mayabunder town is the district headquarter. Middle Andaman Islands are mainly comprised of the famous towns of Rangat and Mayabunder.

Rangat popularly known as the center of attraction of the Middle Andaman gets the maximum number of tourists during peak seasons.

Major attractions of the regions are namely Amkunj Beach, Dhani Nallah Mangrove Nature Walk, Limestone Caves, Mud volcanoes, and more.

Particularly Mayabunder offers spectacular views of the mangrove creeks where you can take a deep in the stunning turquoise waters of Avis Island. Not to forget the unique turtle nesting ground at Karmatang Beach.

North Andaman is the preserved areas of the Andamans. Mostly covered with thick jungle and absence of infrastructure, only a small population of the local Andamanese live there.

Diglipur, the largest town of North Andaman reflects insights into the everyday lives of the locals. The area remains under-developed and secluded and is less travelled by the visitors.

The primary source of income in Diglipur is agriculture that consists of crop production such as rice, pulses, and coconut.

When to Visit North and Middle Andaman?

The best time to visit the Andaman Islands is from March to May and November to January. The weather is less humid and you can enjoy the cool breeze flowing and hitting your face. Such kinds are appropriate for participating in different water sports activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, etc.

You are advised to plan holidays during monsoons as the weather remains dull and gloomy. You will not be able to participate in any of the adventurous owing to various restrictions.

How to Reach North and Middle Andaman?

You can reach the North and Middle Andaman district by road, boat, Pawan Hans, and seaplane. Regular bus services both the government and private are available from the capital city of Port Blair to Diglipur, Mayabunder, and Rangat via Andaman Trunk Road ( ATC).

Similarly, regular boat services on weekdays are available from Port Blair to Mayabunder and Rangat facilitated by the Directorate of Shipping Services as per schedule.

Pawan Hans service is offered on weekdays to Diglipur, Rangat, and Mayabunder by Civil Aviation Department as per schedule.

Places to Visit at North and Middle Andaman

These regions of the Andaman Islands are full of attractive places for nature exploration. You can plan your holidays with the best deals from RSR Tours and Travels. The major places to visit these regions consist of Diglipur, Baratang Island, Long Island, Lalaji beach, Mayabunder, Rangat, etc.

  • Diglipur
  • Diglipur is the fascinating town of North Andaman. Recognized as the largest town of the region, it consists of rich flora and fauna with natural parks and lively underwater life.

    From climbing the highest peak called Saddle Point to exploring underground caves, Diglipur is a wonderful place to visit for history buffs and adventure enthusiasts.

  • Baratang Island
  • Baratang Island is widely recognized as the gateway of North and Middle Andaman. It is located 100 kilometers away from the city of Port Blair by road. This island remains the least explored area yet is a delight for the offbeat travel enthusiast.

    Well known for its mangroves. mud volcanoes, and limestone caves, Baratang is home to lush green tropical forests. The island consists of the indigenous Jarawa tribe and is connected to Rangat via ATR.

  • Long Island
  • Long Island is a place with minimal infrastructure. It is a small island mostly recognized for village tourism. Endowed with tropical forests and rich marine life, the mesmerizing view of Long Island can truly satiate your adventurous spirit.

  • Lalaji Bay Beach
  • Situated at Long Island Lalaji beach is a beautiful place accessible by a small boat ride from Yerrata Jetty. The ride lets you pass through the mangrove creek till you reach white sandy beaches. The best time to visit Lalaji beach is from October to March as the weather remains pleasant during these periods.

Cuisines of Andaman Islands

The food of the Andaman Islands is a reflection of the different cultures of India. Andaman cuisine is heavily influenced by Indian culture in terms of religions such as Hindi, Christian, Muslim, Sikh, etc.

You can find refreshing food like mangoes, bananas, pineapples, guavas, and more. Fish curry is the most popular dish in the region. Seafood lovers can gobble over them with no limits. You can also try amritsari kulcha, chilli curry, coconut prawn curry, Barbeque food to satisfy the foodie in you.

Best resorts in North and Middle Andaman includes Ross and Smith Resort, Pristine Beach Resort, Hotel Laxmi Villa, and Hotel DK. You can enjoy sightseeing activities like trekking, fishing, waterfall, etc with your friends and family while visiting the Andaman Islands.

Different places in Middle and North Andaman reflect different geographical, cultural and historical facts of the Andaman Islands. It is the best place to plan your vacation to relax and enjoy the soothing appearance of nature.

HutBay(Little Andaman)

hut bay little andaman photos

Hut Bay Beach is situated in the Little Andaman region. It is a pleasant small town that has the longest shoreline of the Andaman Islands. Little Andaman Islands (Hutbay) is situated 125 kilometers south of the South Andaman by sea from the capital city of Port Blair.

Little Andaman is identified as the fourth largest island in Andaman and Nicobar islands. The concentration of visitors is more from Port Blair to the Little Andamans.

The island is fully covered with rainforests, beaches, white surf waterfalls, and more. The key highlights of the island include different water sports activities along with boating at the creek near Butler Bay.

How to Reach Hut Bay Beach?

Hut Bay Beach is situated 120 km via ocean from the capital city of Port Blair. You can take daily government services/ferries, local transportation connected through Hut Bay from Phoenix Bay jetty.

The journey will take about 8-9 hours depending on the weather condition. You need to book your tickets in advance through online bookings to avoid the peak season rush.

Helicopter services are also available to Hut Bay from Port Blair for visitor's convenience. The tickets are expensive and seats are limited.

Where To Stay at Hut Bay Beach?

There is no luxury accommodation in Hut Bay, but if you want to stay there then Hotel Sea Land is an affordable option for you. This hotel is situated behind the main market in Hut Bay that offers basic amenities like water, rooms, tv, along with attached bathrooms.

Activities To Do at Hut Bay Beach

Waterfalls are the major attraction of Hut Bay Beach. There are namely two kinds of waterfalls near the beach-white surf waterfalls and the other one is called whisper wave waterfalls.

You can also enjoy local sightseeing and activities like trekking to the top of the waterfall. You can visit Netaji Nagar beach which is 11 km from Hut Bay beach.

Water sports activities such as scuba diving, snorkelling, are available in island Butler Bay which is 14 km from the Hut Bay jetty. The region is popular for sunbathing, elephant trekking, coral viewing, surfing, etc.

There are many Elephant training camps all around the Island where the elephants are trained on how to function in the forest. It is a great view to observe the behavior of the elephants from the closed interval.

Little Andaman is less travelled therefore it is less crowded. The tranquil waters hitting the rocks enchants a mesmerizing view.

The other attractions of the island include the lighthouse, an oil palm plantation along with a dam. The trip to the lighthouse can be adventurous with your friends and family.


Situated 242 km away from the capital city of Port Blair and approximately 3 hours away from the town of Rangat, the beautiful Mayabunder island is an incredible place for a beach vacation.

The island is located in the northern part of the Middle Andaman that boasts lush mangrove and spellbinding beaches.

It is also recognized as the home to former Burmese Karen Tribes, who had served as the logging labourers during the British era. It was settled in the colonial period by the immigrants from Myanmar and ex-convicts from India.

Mayabunder is the headquarters of the North and Middle Andaman.

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