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North & Middle Andaman: Mayabunder

It is linked with the capital city of Port Blair by the Andaman Trunk Road.

Economy of Mayabunder

Mayabunder is an eco-friendly destination for tourists as it consists of mangrove creeks, the beach at Aves Island, and coconut plantation. The economy is primarily based on agriculture and the income generated is divided among the locals.

Major attractions include turtle nesting ground at Karmatang beach, freshwater beaches, speed boat ride, etc. A lot of revenue is generated from these activities during peak season.

How To Reach Mayabunder?

Mayabunder is connected to different parts of the world by air and sea. It is an easily accessible town for visitors to plan their vacations. The city of Port Blair is well connected to major cities like Delhi, Chennai, and Kolkata through different flight operators.

After reaching Port Blair, travellers can take ferries to reach the town that may take around 3 to 4 hours of journey. As the ferries operate on different schedules and timings, you need to plan online prior to travel.

Best Time To Visit Mayabunder

It is a beautiful town set in the picturesque backdrop of the Northern part of the Andamans. The town experiences pleasant cool weather throughout the year. The weather gets a little humid during the summer season but is ideal for local sightseeing.

Major Attractions of Mayabunder

The place has a lot to offer to its tourists. Various attractions include Karmatang beach, Forest Museum, Driftwood beach, Pokhadera beach, and more. Apart from Port Blair, Mayabunder is the only place that has the facility of harbouring passenger ships.

The APWD rest house is a comfortable lodge for you to take rest at Mayabunder. It has a large and pleasant garden where you can pass your time looking at the sea.

On the outskirts of Mayabunder lies the Rampur beach. This beach is smaller compared to other Middle Andaman beaches. Close to the beach, you can explore lush mangroves and the nostalgic remains of the German Jetty.

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Karmatang Beach

kalatang beach andaman images

Popularly known as the turtle paradise, Karmatang beach is a beautiful beach that is located at a distance of 12 kilometers from Mayabunder in the Northern part of Middle Andaman. Even though the water at the beach is a little choppy, it is identified as one of the visually delightful regions of the Andaman Islands.

Locals living near Mayabunder and the surrounding areas like to visit the beach for a small outing. The beach is famous for turtle nesting and you can enjoy the view from December to January.

The Karmatang beach is the most important in the Mayabunder region. The small huts in the region or around the beach are enough to attract visitors to the beach. You can enjoy relaxing read books, or arrange a small get together in these huts.

The beach is highly recommended for visitors since it is kept clean and full of greenery. The green trees on the beach provide space for hammocks as the travellers love to use these hammocks and see the sea waves hitting the shoreline.

How To Reach Karmatang Beach?

The scintillating beach of Karmatang is 240 km away from the city of Port Blair by road. The closer city connected with Karmatang beach is Mayabunder. Ferries, ships, STC buses regularly fly from Port Blair for Mayabunder.

A cab can also be hired from there to reach the beach which is at a distance of 20 minutes. The beach is easily accessible via the Grand Andaman Trunk Road from the city of Port Blair directly.

Different activities to do at Karmatang

This beautiful beach is a perfect destination for couples to spend some romantic time together. The beach provides full privacy to its travellers. Several other activities can attract tourists to the beach.

  • Turtle Nesting Farm
  • The beach has a popular turtle nesting farm for different kinds of sea turtles. The place has a visitor complex where the visitors can enjoy turtle nesting and get minute details about turtles and the period for nesting.

  • Boating
  • You can enjoy the steamer boat ride from Mayabunder to Karmatang beach is a must-to-do activity for each visitor. The visitors pass through the dense mangrove brooks and offer a nice captivating natural view.

  • Beach Party
  • The clean, hygiene surrounding is suitable for a small get together or a beach party. Several small huts are available to rest where visitors can spend some quality time with your friends or beloved.

  • Prominent Places of Karmatang Beach
  • A few of the nearby attractions of the beach include Rampur Beach, Avis Island, Cellular Jail, Neil Island, Rangat and more. There are different restaurants for tourists which are government PWD guest house, Hawksbill Nest resort, and Anmol guest house.

  • Trekking
  • It is considered as the most important activity of Karmatang Beach. While on trekking, travellers can enjoy the natural view of dense tropical forests. This activity can test your patience and strength as it involves a lot of walking. Island trekking/camping is a perfect alternative for the nature enthusiast.

    The famous trekking spot in the beach starts from Mount Harriet to Madhuban. The trek is 16 kilometers long and is an excellent opportunity to explore nature. Mount Harriet is the highest peak in Andaman whereas the Madhuban area is identified as the elephant training center.

Best Time To Visit Karmatang Beach

Karmatang Beach has pleasant weather for travellers to enjoy its scenic beauty. If you do not enjoy hot and humid weather, then visiting in the summer season may not be a good option. Most visitors prefer to visit during the winter season as the weather remains cool and breezy.

However, you are requested to strictly avoid the monsoon seasons for heavy rainfall. So, ideally, the best time exists from November to May.

The Karmatang beach remains open for 24 hours a day, every day of the week. However, from December to February is the best season for turtle nesting months.

The beach is open to visitors only till 5:00 PM for the safety of the turtle's eggs. Mobile connectivity is always an issue on this beach. However, you can have connectivity through networks like Airtel, or Vodafone. You can visit Karmatang beach at any time of the day or year.

To get the best experience of this beautiful beach, try to visit during sunrise or sunset with your family. Be careful of the sandflies as the night approach. You can feel the irritation from the sand flies, so it is better to have a mosquito repellant with you.

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