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South Andaman: Havelock Island

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Havelock Island is the largest island among the chain of islands to the east of Great Andaman. It comes under the administrative district of South Andaman. Presently known as Swaraj Dweep, the island is full of sublime beaches, twinking turquoise water along with the tropical environment.

It is recognized as a traveller's paradise because of its picturesque beauty. The island lures its visitors and has a well-deserved reputation. Havelock has been developing in recent years and the Government has made a concentrated effort to turn it into an eco-friendly destination.

Situated 70km from the capital city of Port Blair, Havelock Island is the spotlight of Andaman tourism. The islands boast several well-defined points of attractions with a mixture of tropical forests and white sandy beaches.

One of the beautiful things about Havelock Island is that it is less populated with urban density. With a low population density, the island is bestowed with lots of greenery as its surroundings.

Narrow roads with tropical jungles and the presence of unique trees have made this island a beautiful place to visit. Thanks to crystal clear waters, Havelock Island has the best infrastructure for premium water sports activities. Starting from scuba diving, snorkelling, glass-bottom ride are some of the most preferred activities by the visitors.

A relaxing atmosphere provides a picture-perfect evening to have different cuisines with your loved ones. Havelock Island at night reflects a heavenly view with stars sparkling at the turquoise water.

Around 1.5 to 2 hours from the capital city of Port Blair, one can opt for beach huts which will cost you around INR 1000 per night. You can also have luxury cottages to villas that are within the range of INR 8000 to 25000 per night.

How to Reach Havelock Island?

The island can be reached by sea and air routes however, the most convenient way would be by sea route. Both Government and Private ferries are functional from the neighbouring islands. Also, Havelock Island is situated 57km from the city of Port Blair and prior confirmation of a ferry ticket is a must to reach the island.

The unique experience of visiting the island comprised of hassle-free booking, affordable transportation, and mesmerizing sea view. Few private ferry companies namely IIT Majestic, Sea Link, M.V Makruzz, Green Ocean are there to provide memorable experiences.

Best Time to Visit Swaraj Dweep (Havelock Island)

The peak season for tourists to visit the Andamans begins from November till mid-May. One can always expect rain between June and September. February and March are considered the best months for water sports activities owing to low tides and better visibility.

Known for different beaches, a two-night stay at Havelock Island is enough for you to enjoy the place to the fullest. You can choose the best holiday packages from RSR Tours and Travel online to avoid complications later on.

Popular Beaches on Havelock Island

Popularly known as the paradise of beaches, Havelock Island has a list of beautiful islands within its reach. Few renowned beaches include Radhanagar beach, Elephant beach, Govind Nagar Beach, Kala Pathar beach and more.

  • Radhanagar Beach
  • Declared as Asia's 1st best and World's 8th best beach by Trip Advisor, Radhanagar beach is a must-visit to explore bioluminescence. It is a beautiful beach to satiate the adventure spirit of travel enthusiasts.

    You can explore lush greenery and backwaters once you reach there. The green palm vegetation makes it an ideal place for a nature walk. It is a well-known beach for various water sports activities.

  • Elephant Beach
  • This beach provides a sparkling coastline along with a stunning view of the coral reef. The sand coastline and clear waters are enough to tempt the explorers into this island. You can reach the beach by a boat journey moving through a mesmerizing lighthouse.

    Elephant beach is known as the snorkelling ground for people who love underwater sports. The beach is mostly calm and away from the mass concentration of people. Famous for its amazing landscapes, the beach creates a romantic ambiance for a beachside candle night dinner for couples.

    The rich diversity of underwater life consisting of crocodiles, turtles, octopuses, and fish can add up to your holiday experiences. Early morning bird watching is a must for those who love ornithology (branch of zoology that research upon behaviour and types of birds).

  • Vijaynagar Beach
  • It is one of the serene and beautiful beaches of the Havelock region. Though this beach is not as popular as the other beaches of Havelock Island, yet the exceptional mahua trees are enough to catch your attention.

    The backdrop of the beach is full of coconut trees along with long mahua trees. Opposite to Vijaynagar beach, there lies a Dolphin resort where you can plan a comfortable stay. A point to be noted is that Vijaynagar beach is not suitable for participating in any kind of water sports activity.

  • Kalapathar Beach
  • Kalapathar beach is a white strip sandy beach with big rocks behind the sea. It is named after a black road that runs parallel to the seashore. The beach is small but the sunset view is mesmerizing. Being a relatively remote beach, Kalapathar does not invite tourists during peak seasons.

    The entire beach is lined up with lush greenery and can be visited as a stopover destination. As the number of people is less, the beach becomes a perfect spot for couples to enjoy quality time.

Things to do in Havelock Island

Havelock is full of activities and fun. One can never get enough of this island as it reflects beauty with simplicity. With its pristine beaches and rich marine life, this island is best to enjoy different water sports activities like scuba diving, snorkelling, kayaking, etc.

  • Scuba Diving
  • It is the most popular underwater sports for the travel enthusiast. With the crystal, clear water diving becomes a favourite activity for visitors. Havelock has diving sites both for experienced and beginners. You can spot a variety of fishes, corals, along with sea turtles under the sea. For details click here

  • Snorkelling
  • Radhanagar Beach and Elephant Beach are the two favourite spots to undertake the activity of Snorkelling. It is done to view shallow areas of the corals and understand their behaviour. You can dive into the coral shelf and explore underwater life. Colourful algae, plankton, sea turtles are some of the species that can make your diving experience a memorable one. For more details click here

  • Havelock on Two Wheelers.
  • Because of its picturesque beauty, the island is a treat for two-wheelers. You can enjoy the scenic appearance of the beach via two-wheelers and four-wheelers. The dense tropical forest of the island is suitable for activities like trekking and hiking. You can explore the entire island in two days by a bike or a scooter.

  • Game Fishing
  • This activity is functional in Havelock Island since 9years. It is among the popular sportfishing option of the island. Game fishing invites you for marine life and unbeatable fishing experiences. The warm waters, dynamic corals have made this island a one-stop fishing destination. However, it is recommended that you bring all the necessary fishing equipment that may turn into a hurdle in your participation.

  • Kayaking
  • Havelock is a great place for Kayaking. Andaman mangroves at the backdrop and kayaking participation is a great combination for the visitors. The calm creeks are safe reflecting a beautiful atmosphere. The tour is for 2.5 hours and the best part is you do not require prior experience for paddling. For more details click here.

  • Shopping in Havelock Island
  • The island doesn't have a lot of shopping places. There are few shops in Market 3 and number 2 village that are open till afternoon. Markets are small but they sell various items like toiletries, food products, and snacks. Jewellery made up of seashells are a good indigenous buy for the tourists.

    Every visit to Havelock can turn into a lifetime experience for the visitors. You can give Andamans traditional crafts as Diwali gifts to your loved once. There is a festival known as Subhash Mela held every year in January to commemorate the birth anniversary of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. Barefoot on Havelock Island is a life-enriching experience that will stay with you for a long time.

Radhanagar Beach

radhanagar beach havlock andaman

Radhanagar Beach is among the most famous beach in Havelock Island. Declared as Asia's 1st and World's 8th Best Beach by Trip Advisor, this beach has everything to offer. The place is full of white sand coupled with warm waters.

Decked up with lush tropical forest and palm trees, this beach is the hotspot of Havelock Island. Owing to its popularity, the beach is full of tourists during peak seasons.

If you are visiting Andaman you cannot simply skip Radhanagar beach. Your search for heavenly experiences ends here. Over the years, this paradise has won many accolades.

The beach has claimed Tripadvisor's Travellers's Choice in 2016 among the Top 25 beaches in Asia, Many tourists visit Havelock Island to enjoy beach walk in Radhanagar beach.

The beach includes everything when you dreamt of a perfect holiday. The unspoiled seashore and waves foam with turquoise water is what this beach is comprised of. The sunset view of the beach is extremely popular among travel enthusiasts.

How to reach Radhanagar Beach?

The beach is at a distance of 10 km away from Havelock jetty. You can either take a cab, auto-rickshaw, two-wheeler or a bicycle to arrive at your destination. The distance between Radhanagar beach to Elephant beach is almost 2 hours and can be done with the help of a professional guide.

You can even take a nature walk to this destination. Most of the resorts in Havelock Island are situated far from Radhanagar beach between Havelock jetty and Kalapathar village.

When to visit Radhanagar Beach?

Radhanagar beach mostly remains crowded with visitors between late mornings and afternoons from 10 AM to 4 PM. Early morning sightseeing is always peaceful for visitors to enjoy nature.

The best time to visit this beautiful beach is in winter. It is the time when the weather is moderately mild and the temperature ranges between 10 to 26 degrees celsius. Monsoons are pleasant to experience the beauty of tropical mangroves.

Best Things to do in Radhanagar Beach

If you are looking for an adventurous expedition then this place is your dream place. Check out some interesting things to participate at Radhanagar beach. There are several activities to participate in this beach apart from just walking around the beaches.

Jet skiing, speedboat ride, scuba diving, snorkelling are some of the major water sports activities of this beach.

Bioluminescence is simply the emission of light by a living organism. In bodies of water, different creatures like plankton have bioluminescent traits that can light up like a firefly during movements.

Radhanagar Beach is blessed with the tag of the bioluminescent beach and is rightly called a glowing beach. It is a phenomenon that can be explored during no moon nights. The water on the beach light up because of the presence of phytoplankton.

Winter season is the best to witness bioluminescence where November to February remains the most preferred month by visitors.

South Button island near the Radhanagar beach is best known for scuba diving experience. You can enroll for certificate courses and become a certified scuba diving professional. The course will surely attract you to the dynamic underwater life.

You also participate in snorkelling and explore colourful corals. The nearby shores of the Elephant beach also have great snorkelling sessions for visitors. You can book a snorkelling session as per schedule.

You can plan a trekking session from Radhanagar beach to Elephant beach. You will find several boat operators suggesting to avoid the trekking routes but contrary to their suggestion Elephant beach is safe and comfortable for a nature walk. The trek will take a maximum of 30 minutes to witness the unexplored area of the neighbouring areas.

Radhanagar Beach is comprised of numerous popular beaches as its neighbours. Some of them are namely Kalapathar beach and Govind Nagar beach.

Apart from the dynamic corals, simmering beaches and tropical forests, Andaman is also famous for its mangrove creeks. These generally grow in muddy and shallow saltwater along with calm shoreline. The mangrove forest of Havelock Island is quite amazing for travellers with a unique experience.

Not many of us are aware that Baratang Island is host to one of the most beautiful beaches in India. With an uneven curve of white sandy beaches and a perfectly rugged coastline, this is a place that sees a lot of visitors.

You can enjoy the perfect sea view lying down at the sunset view.

The left and the central side of the beach remains generally crowded with local visitors.

If you keep approaching towards the right through the forest you will reach a Blue Lagoon, a favourite of European Hippies. Blue Lagoon is yet another mesmerizing place right next to the beach.

It is equally enthralling and full of fun. Lack of concentration of crowd allows travellers to peep into the deeper side of the region. Walking barefoot at the Blue Lagoon and relishing the white sandy beaches kissing your feet is the best experience you will have for yourself.

White Sand is a famous Italian restaurant at Radhanagar Beach. The restaurant serves different Italian cuisines like kinds of pasta, pizzas, and other delicacies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Blue Lagoon is a perfect spot for an activity like snorkelling and has colourful marine life within those coastal rocks during low tide. There also exist dead coral surface towards the left most tip of the beach that usually remains devoid to tourists.

The unique distinction between Radhanagar beach and other coral beaches is the existence of colourful sea-shells. The ones in Radhanagar beach is much dark and dazzling in colours while the ones in the coral islands are on the lighter side.

Some of the popular restaurants near Radhanagar beach are Turtle Cafe, The Blue Cafe, etc. The resorts at Radhanagar beach include Barefoot at Havelock, Symphony Palms Beach Resort, TSG Blue Resort, Havelock Nagri Resort.

You can select the best packages from RSR Tours and Travel for a comfortable holiday. You can have memorable moments for a lifetime once you plan to visit the Andaman Islands. The pristine beaches are the testimony to the fact of how nature-nurture people.

You are advised to wear comfortable clothes before participating in hiking or trekking activities. A proper body check-up is a must of you tend to go for local sightseeing that involves long walks. For more details about this beach you can always refer to our blog by clicking here

Kalapathar Beach

kalapathar beach havelock andaman images

Kalapathar Beach is a white silky beach of Havelock Island. The beach gets its name from the bordering town called Kalapathar Village. The entire beach is embellished with black rocks and provides a spectacular view to the visitors.

The stunning beach is full of golden sand beds and turquoise water. You will be thrilled by the ambiance of the beach once you visit. The black rocks that lie along the sea make a beautiful contrast with the shimmering sand.

The lush greenery has made this place abode of peace and calmness. The water is deep enough for swimming and is not affected by tides. The beach is remotely located and is suitable for couples to spend quality time.

You can feel the amazing breeze tingling your hair. Who will mind going for a romantic walk? No one. There also lies a tiny picnic area with locals selling fresh coconuts and mango juices.

You can also relax on hammock binding it with a tree. For those who want to self discover the inner self can head towards Kalapathar without any question in mind.

Kalapathar beach is at a 10 km distance from Havelock island. You can reach Kalapathar by hiring a vehicle or a bicycle from Havelock Jetty. The journey will take 25 to 30 minutes at max to reach your destination.

It is better to avoid a visit during monsoons. The springtime that is from October to May is the best time to enjoy sunbathing at the beach.

Although Kalapathar beach is totally a private beach, you will get different resorts surrounding the place. Some of the well-known restaurants in the area are Full Moon Coffee Shop, Bonava Coffee Shop, Annapurna Restaurant, Symphony Palms Beach Resort, and Munjoh Ocean.

Mobile connectivity is not that well in many parts of Havelock Island. This is mostly because of the remoteness of the region as well as the absence of sufficient mobile towers. You can get a satellite connection but that may turn out to be quite expensive.

This beach is a must-visit destination if you love the sight of early sunrise. There is a small path through the green jungle, where once there was an elephant training camp. However, now it is a secluded beach with not many travellers during peak season.

Elephanta Beach

elephanta beach havelock andaman pics

You really can't afford to skip Elephant beach while visiting Havelock Island. And if you had missed that then you have missed something great from the Elephant Beach is at a distance of 20 minutes by boat from the Havelock Dock.

The destination offers a beautiful view consisting of amazing coral reefs underwater. Popular for water sports activities like snorkelling, the beach is also known for the dynamic coral reefs.

You can enjoy watching corals up to 20 meters in depth. The gentle waves, turquoise water, bare trees can be a treat for nature lovers.

The beach is easily accessible from Radhanagar beach or by a fishing boat. The different coastal cruise operates to Elephant beach from Neil Island as well.

The best time to explore this beach is during October and May. You can enjoy the sight of the natural flora of the island and can come back with wonderful memories with you.

There is no particular time to visit Elephant beach however, you are required to return back to the dock by 4:00 PM latest. Snorkelling is the major water sports activity at the beach. Speedboat rides and Mirror boat rides are also available for visitor's amusement.

It is the best place to enjoy water sports activities for non-swimmers. A lifeguard is provided to children playing around the beach to maintain safety.

Sunbathing, scuba diving, surf riding, birdwatching, and trekking are some of the major activities of the beach. You can also book ferry cruise services from Port Blair which will take you to your destination. The environment around the beach is devoid of any noise and pollution.

It is one of the known hotspots for nature exploration. Kids can enjoy trekking as the routes are safer for them. A few travel tips at the beach include wearing comfortable clothes, snacks, water bottles, etc.

The temperature here ranges between 19 to 25-degree Celsius and makes it comfortable for sightseeing. Whether you want to relax by the seaside or have a plethora of memories, it's up to you.

You can choose the best holiday deals from RSR Tours and Travel and enjoy a thrilling experience with your friends and family.