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Laxmanpur Beach on Neil Island (Shaheed Dweep)

a white sand beach named laxmanpur beach with a canoe and a tree

Neil Island, also known as Shaheed Dweep, is a hidden gem in the Andaman archipelago, offering serene beaches and natural wonders. Among its many attractions, Laxmanpur Beach stands out as a tranquil paradise.

As you plan a visit to Laxmanpur Beach, you might get confused between Laxmanpur Beach No. 1 and Laxmanpur Beach No. 2. Do not worry, read on, and you will know the difference between these two and why both are a must-visit.

Laxmanpur Beach No 1

Laxmanpur Beach No. 1 is a spectacular triangular beach with mesmerizing sunsets. You should visit Laxmanpur Beach No. 1 in the late afternoon for an amazing sunset, as there is not much to do here during the day. The sunset typically occurs by 5 pm in the Andaman Islands.

Where is Laxmanpur Beach No 1 Located?

Laxmanpur Beach No. 1 is located on the western side of Neil Island, now renamed Shaheed Dweep. It is 2.3 km away from the Neil Island Jetty.

How to Reach Laxmanpur Beach No 1?

entrance of laxmanpur beach no 1

You can easily reach the beach in less than 15 minutes from the jetty.

If you have booked a cab or are using public transport (auto/bus), the driver will drop you at the parking lot in front of Pearl Park Resort. From there, it is a 5-7 minute stroll on a path lined with sea mahua trees.

If you have rented a two wheeler, you can ride up to the beach as the two-wheeler parking lot is at the beach’s entrance. Note that if the beach is crowded, you might need to leave your two-wheeler on the parking lot in front of Pearl Park Resort.

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Laxmanpur Beach No 1 entry fee & timings:

It is a public beach and there is no entry fee. The beach is accessible throughout the day. But it is best to visit before 8 pm.

Things to do at Laxmanpur Beach No 1:

laxman beach no 1

Captivating Sunset:

At Laxmanpur Beach No. 1, the sunset is a beautiful sight. In the evening, the sky changes colors, and the sun sets over the water. The beach’s shape gives a clear view of the sunset. It’s a great time to visit for this scenic experience. The sun usually sets around 5 pm, so plan to be there a bit earlier.

Stargazing Magic:

Extend your stay until around 8 pm to witness a mesmerizing stargazing session. Enjoy the clear night sky, which reveals a spectacular view of stars, including the Milky Way. Please note that stargazing is subject to weather conditions, and the sky must be clear for the best experience.


Explore abundant photography opportunities at Laxmanpur Beach No. 1. Capture the beauty of merging waves at V point and the surrounding landscapes, providing photography enthusiasts with ample opportunities for stunning shots.

Marine Life Exploration:

Embark on a marine life exploration adventure at Laxmanpur Beach No. 1. Delve into the rocky terrain to discover the underwater world, where you can witness vibrant marine flora, including colorful corals and small marine life.

Exercise caution, as the coast is rocky and slippery. Swimming is not recommended for safety reasons.

Candlelit Dining:

Indulge in a romantic candlelit dining experience at Laxmanpur Beach No. 1. Explore certain areas that offer cushioned setups with tables adorned with candlelight, adding a special touch to your evening.

Resorts and Hotels near Laxmanpur Beach No 1 on Neil Island (Shaheed Dweep)

Pearl Park Beach Resort

This resort is located closest to the beach. It has its own sunset point and provides walking access to Laxmanpur Beach No. 1.

You can book these resorts with us.

Things to keep in mind while visiting Laxmanpur Beach No 1:

Crowded Evenings:

Evenings can be bustling at Laxmanpur Beach No 1, especially during sunset. For a quieter experience, mornings are equally delightful.

Rocky Terrain, No Swimming:

Swimming is not advisable due to rocky areas. Consider Bharatpur Beach nearby for a safer swimming experience.

Parking and Access:

For a convenient visit, park your vehicle a short distance away and take a stroll to the beach. Enjoy the comfort of facilities such as benches and cushioned setups during your visit.

Changing Rooms & Toilets:

Please be informed that there are no changing rooms available at the beach. But there is a restroom. Plan accordingly and make the necessary arrangements before your visit.


Local stalls around the beach offer snacks and tea. Treat yourself to some light refreshments during your visit.

Weather-Dependent Activities:

Keep in mind that watching the sunset and stargazing are subject to weather conditions.

Is Laxmanpur Beach No 1 worth visiting?

Yes, Laxmanpur Beach No. 1 is definitely worth visiting. With its stunning triangular shape, mesmerizing sunsets, and the serene atmosphere, it offers a unique and peaceful experience. While swimming is not advisable due to the rocky shore, the beach is perfect for sightseeing, nature walks, and capturing beautiful moments. Whether you’re a nature lover, a photography enthusiast, or someone seeking a tranquil escape, Laxmanpur Beach No. 1 on Neil Island is a must-visit destination in the Andaman Islands.

Laxmanpur Beach No 2

Laxmanpur Beach No. 2, located in Neil Island, offers a unique experience for nature enthusiasts. Ideal for a morning visit, this beach unveils its underwater wonders during low tide. Home to the captivating Natural Bridge, formed by atmospheric wear on dead corals, one must exercise caution while exploring its rocky shores.

Note: Laxmanpur Beach No 2 is a no drone zone.

Natural Bridge in Neil Island

Where is Laxmanpur Beach No 2 Located?

Laxmanpur Beach No. 2 is located on the south-western side of Neil Island. It is 2 km away from the Neil Island Jetty.

How to Reach Laxmanpur Beach No 2?

laxmanpur beach no 2 entrance

You can hire a cab, take an auto-rickshaw, or use a rented two-wheeler to reach the beach.

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Laxmanpur Beach No 2 entry fee & timings:

It is a public beach, and there is no entry fee. You might have to opt for a guide and pay INR 500 for marine life exploration.

The best time to visit Laxmanpur Beach No. 2 is during low tide. Low tide exposes the coral formations and marine life, providing a better opportunity for exploration. Typically, the tide is low in the afternoon hours. Make sure you are there at least by 4 pm, as the sun sets by 5, and it becomes dark.

Things to do at Laxmanpur Beach No 2:

Explore the mesmerizing marine life:

During low tide, take a stroll along the beach to witness the exposed coral formations and vibrant marine life. Don’t forget to wear proper protective footwear, as the beach can be rocky and uneven.

You might have to opt for a guide to explore the marine life and protect them while doing so. The guide will take you responsibly and safely to the beach and back. They will also give you more in-depth understanding of the sea creatures, coral formations, and the overall marine ecosystem.

Nemo point:

You may encounter the shy and vibrant clownfish. Be sure to visit during low tide to witness these intriguing marine creatures in their natural habitat. Exercise caution while navigating the rocky terrain.

Garden of Fishes:

Explore the Garden of Fishes, where various marine species coexist amidst vibrant coral formations, providing an opportunity to observe live corals, colorful fishes, and other aquatic treasures.

Natural Bridge aka Howrah Bridge of Andaman:

See the amazing natural bridge made from ancient corals. Walk carefully on the rocky shore to see the interesting patterns and shapes made by nature. The bridge’s textures and shapes make the beach look even more beautiful.


Photography enthusiasts will find ample opportunities, including the mesmerizing marine life during low tide, and marvel at the natural bridge formation.

Visit the Secluded Beach:

Venture a bit further from the natural bridge to uncover a beautiful secluded beach. Keep track of tide timings to avoid getting stranded as high tides can block your way back. It is always better to take a guide with you.

Things to keep in mind while visiting Laxmanpur Beach No 2:

When visiting Laxmanpur Beach No. 2, here are some important things to keep in mind:

  1. Morning Exploration: It’s advisable to visit in the morning to witness aquatic life. The beach offers a unique natural bridge formed from ancient dead corals. Be cautious while walking on the rocky shore, especially during low tide when the bridge is visible.
  2. Crowded Conditions: The beach tends to be crowded even on weekdays, so be prepared for a bustling atmosphere.
  3. Caution for Elderly Individuals: Elderly individuals might find it challenging due to the uneven beach. Some parts might be slippery and must be dealt with utmost caution while traversing.
  4. Protective Attire: Wear proper protective footwear, as the beach is extremely uneven, and some creatures may be poisonous. Shorts are preferable for a comfortable beach experience.
  5. Guide Recommendation: Consider hiring a local guide who can explain the corals, sea life, and guide you through points of interest like Nemo Point, Natural Bridge, and the Garden of Fishes. Negotiate guide fees if needed.
  6. Tide Awareness: Ensure you visit during low tide to explore the exposed coral formations and marine life. Tide timings are crucial, especially if you plan to venture further to discover a secluded beach. Typically the tide is low in the afternoon.
  7. Sea Safety: The beach has strong and potentially dangerous sea currents. Avoid going too close to the edges, as slipping into the water could be hazardous. A guide is recommended.
  8. Sun Protection: Carry sunscreen and sunglasses, especially if visiting during the afternoon. Be mindful of the changing tides, and plan your visit accordingly.

Facilities Available:

Toilet Complex:

You can avail themselves of restroom facilities, providing convenience during their time at the beach.


There are eateries near the beach that offer a variety of refreshing drinks, including hydrating options like lemonade. Visitors can quench their thirst with a cool glass of lemonade, providing a delightful respite. Additionally, these eateries may also offer snacks such as Maggi, providing a quick and satisfying treat for those looking to recharge after exploring the beach.

Is Laxmanpur Beach No 2 worth visiting?

Absolutely, Laxmanpur Beach No. 2 is definitely worth a visit. This stunning beach offers a unique experience with its mesmerizing marine life, natural bridge formation, and the serene beauty of a secluded beach. Witnessing the vibrant coral formations and diverse marine species during low tide is a highlight, and the natural bridge crafted from ancient dead corals is a marvel. While some caution is advised due to the uneven beach terrain, the guided exploration provides insights into the rich underwater world. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, photographer, or someone seeking a peaceful escape, Laxmanpur Beach No. 2 promises a memorable and worthwhile visit.

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