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Best Time to Visit Andaman

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The best time to visit Andaman is between the months of October and May every year.

Planning the perfect Andaman tour requires timing precision. There are several factors to consider before planning a trip to the Andaman Islands to experience the best that these islands have to offer.

In this comprehensive guide, we will try to touch upon each and every aspect that will help you decide which month is best suited for you to travel to Andaman.

The Best Season to Visit Andaman

Broadly, there are 2 major travel seasons in Andaman.

The Dry Season (October to May)

The Andaman Islands embrace travelers with open arms during the dry season. From October to May, you can indulge in a myriad of activities under the clear skies. Immerse yourself in the warmth of the Andaman sun as you explore the islands without the worry of unexpected rainfall.

Off-Season (June to September)

As the monsoon clouds gather, the islands experience an off-season from June to September. Unpredictable weather patterns can disrupt travel plans, making it essential to exercise caution during these months.

The Cheapest Time to Visit Andaman

Peak Season

During the tourist season, i.e., from October to May, these islands offer a vibrant atmosphere filled with festivals and winter breaks. You can book flights, hotels, and ferries well in advance to secure the best deals during this bustling period. But considering the rush, travel costs might be high compared to the off-season.

Off-Season Discounts (June to September)

The off-season presents unparalleled discounts. If you are limited on budget, then you can consider planning your Andaman trip during this time. Even though you might not get to experience each and every water activity, the monsoons offer cozy weather for travelers.

The Best Time to Visit Andaman based on Water Activities

Two Scuba divers underwater with fish swimming around and a sea anemone

If you’re looking forward to water activities like scuba diving or sea walk then October to May is the ideal time. During these months, the weather is just right for these adventures.

This time frame is considered the dry season in Andaman, meaning there’s little to no rain, and the weather is generally stable. This is important for water activities because you won’t have to worry about sudden rain showers or rough weather disrupting your plans. From October to May, the sea is calmer, and the water is clear, making it perfect for activities.

The Best Time to Visit Andaman based on Special Occasions

Best Time for Honeymoon in Andaman

a couple enjoying their candle light dinner on a beach

Even though the general rule of visiting Andaman between October and May for the best experience applies to honeymooners, Andaman transforms into a romantic haven in February and March, making it an unconventional yet charming destination for newlyweds.

But if you’re looking for an intimate and offbeat getaway on your honeymoon, then you can plan your honeymoon during the monsoons in Andaman.

Experience the enchanting blend of romance and the magical beauty that unfolds when rain kisses these islands. But be aware that during monsoons, the water activities in Andaman are minimal due to heavy rains and rough seas.

The Best Time to Visit Andaman during Festivals

Celebrate Durga Puja, Dussehra, Diwali, Christmas, and New Year in Andaman. These festive occasions provide a break from the routine, offering families the opportunity to escape to Andaman and bask in the dual joy of cultural celebrations and a tropical retreat.

It’s a time when the islands become a melting pot of traditions, uniting people in the spirit of festivity and creating an atmosphere of warmth, joy, and togetherness. The holiday season becomes a perfect occasion for families to plan their Andaman getaway, taking advantage of the festive cheer and the collective time off.

Island-Specific Best Time to Visit Andaman

Port Blair (October to May)

As the gateway to the Andaman Islands, Port Blair unveils its historical marvels and captivating light and sound shows. Read more on how to reach Port Blair.

Havelock (October to May)

Havelock Island, known for its dive spots and coral reefs, invites travelers between October to May. Read more to know all about Havelock Island.

Neil Island (October to May)

Explore the hidden gem of Neil Island, a haven for solitude seekers. It has some of the best diving spots in Andaman. We have a detailed guide on all you need to know about Neil Island.

Monthly Andaman Weather Overview

Understanding the monthly weather variations allows you to synchronize your visit with Andaman’s natural rhythm, ensuring an immersive and delightful experience throughout the year.

January: Dry Season Kickoff

January marks the beginning of the dry season, a perfect time to escape winter blues. With a maximum temperature of 29°C and a minimum of 23°C, this month promises pleasant weather. Start your year by exploring the Andaman’s pristine beaches and relishing the welcoming climate.

February: Warm Beach Outings

As February unfolds, the temperature rises slightly to a maximum of 30°C, with a minimum of 23°C. Ideal for warm beach outings, this month invites travelers to bask in the sun and indulge in water activities. Shiv Ratri and Holi festivities add cultural vibrancy to your Andaman experience.

March: Festivals and Rising Temperatures

March brings a festive vibe with Shiv Ratri and Holi celebrations continuing. The temperature reaches a maximum of 32°C, maintaining a minimum of 23°C. Embrace the cultural richness of Andaman while enjoying the rising temperatures, setting the stage for an adventurous exploration.

April: Hottest Month for Birdwatching

April turns up the heat, becoming the hottest month of the year. With a maximum temperature of 33°C and a minimum of 25°C, this period is ideal for birdwatching. Explore Mount Harriet, Sippighat Wetland, Chidiyatapu, and Shoal Bay to witness the diverse avian wonders that call Andaman home.

May: Rainy Season Onset

May marks the onset of the rainy season, bringing frequent showers. The maximum temperature remains at 31°C, while the minimum is 25°C. While the weather becomes unpredictable, the lush landscapes and discounted rates make it an attractive time for budget-conscious travelers.

June: Heavy Rainfall and Wind Challenges

June sees heavy rainfall and strong winds, posing challenges for outdoor activities. The temperature reaches a maximum of 30°C, with a minimum of 24°C. This month experiences the highest rainfall, making it less favorable for travel. Exercise caution and plan indoor activities during this period.

July: Lush Greenery Continues

July maintains the lush greenery established during June. With a maximum temperature of 29°C and a minimum of 24°C, this month offers a quieter ambiance. Explore the vibrant landscapes while keeping in mind the possibility of occasional rainfall.

August: Monsoon Persistence and Independence Day

August witnesses the persistence of monsoons, with a maximum temperature of 29°C and a minimum of 24°C. Celebrate Independence Day amidst the island’s natural beauty. Despite the occasional showers, Andaman’s charm shines through, creating a unique atmosphere for visitors.

September: Fluctuating Temperatures

September brings fluctuating temperatures, with a maximum of 29°C and a minimum of 24°C. The monsoons continue, and travelers should stay vigilant about weather changes. While fluctuations occur, the allure of Andaman remains intact, offering a quieter escape for those seeking solitude.

October: Peak Season Commencement

October marks the commencement of the peak season. Enjoy a pleasant temperature ranging from 30°C (maximum) to 24°C (minimum). Festivities like Durga Puja, Dussehra, and Diwali add cultural richness. Plan your visit during this month for optimal weather and a lively atmosphere.

November: Monsoon Retreats

By November, the monsoons bid adieu, and the temperature stabilizes. Experience a maximum of 30°C and a minimum of 24°C. The receding monsoons bring forth clear skies, making it an excellent time for outdoor activities and exploration.

December: Festive Celebrations and Decreasing Temperatures

December heralds festive celebrations with Christmas and New Year. Enjoy a maximum temperature of 29°C and a minimum of 24°C. The decreasing temperatures create a pleasant ambiance for holiday festivities, making Andaman an enchanting destination to conclude the year.


The best time to visit Andaman depends on your preferences and the type of experience you seek. For those interested in water activities like scuba diving or sea walks, the period from October to May is ideal. During these months, the weather is pleasant, and the conditions are suitable for various water sports and adventures.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly trip and don’t mind occasional rain, the off-season from May to September offers significant discounts, but keep in mind that water activities may be limited due to monsoons.

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