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Nightlife In Andaman – Coral Sea Cruise


Islands, beaches and corals. You can’t miss these three on a trip to Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Many might think the Andaman islands have nothing else to offer, but they’re far away from the truth. With time some things change, many things get old and are replaced, and new things are introduced. One such thing that past visitors of the Andaman Islands could not experience, but you certainly can is a full-fledged cruise.

An ocean cruise
Coral Queen

Yes! You read that right. Beginning in 2022, Coral Queen, now run by Coral Sea Cruise has started operations as the only ocean-going cruise ship in Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

A Corridor of the Coral Queen

Read on to know what it has to offer and what you can expect if you book a journey on this cruise.

Table of Contents

  1. Coral Queen
  2. Tickets and Boarding Points
  3. Journey Routes and Travel Duration
  4. Ticket Pricing and Schedule
  5. Things to Keep in Mind Before Boarding the Cruise
  6. Safety Onboard the Cruise
  7. Facilities Aboard the Cruise
  8. Accommodation Classes
  9. Activities Onboard the Cruise

Coral Queen

Coral Queen

Coral Queen, built in 1994, used to sail between the islands of the Pacific Ocean. Later it was inducted as a government passenger ship by the Andaman & Nicobar Island administration, catering to islanders and tourists alike. 

Beginning September 2022 it has been rebranded and renovated as Andaman’s first ocean-going cruise ship hosting a myriad of activities you won’t find anywhere else on these islands. 

Before enumerating the leisure activities aboard Coral Queen, let me talk about things you might need to know about this cruise.

Tickets & Boarding Points

After being renovated, Coral Queen is no more the routine, low-budget, subsidised passenger ship it was before under the Andaman & Nicobar administration. It is now a place to bring your loved ones, make memories, and spend the time of your life.


Tickets for this cruise are available online. You can book tickets on our website or on

Boarding Points

Depending on the current operations of Coral Queen, your boarding might be either from Port Blair or Swaraj Dweep.

Boarding Point of Coral Queen at Port Blair

Haddo Warf

Boarding Point of Coral Queen at Swaraj Dweep 

Havelock Ferry Ghat/ Havelock Jetty

Latest Journey Routes and Travel Duration

Coral Queen is currently operating between Port Blair and Swaraj Dweep. Once a month it also travels to Barren Island, India’s only active volcano. So presently these are the active routes of the cruise:

Port Blair to Swaraj Dweep (Overnight Cruise)

  1. Boarding Point: Haddo Warf
  2. Departure time: 16:00 hrs
  3. Arrival time: 07:00 hrs (next day)
  4. Cruise Duration: 15 hours

Swaraj Dweep to Port Blair (Short Cruise)

  • Boarding Point: Havelock Ferry Ghat/ Havelock Jetty
  • Departure time: 09:00 hrs
  • Arrival time: 12:30 hrs (same day)
  • Cruise Duration: 3 hours 30 minutes

Barren Island Sight Seeing

  • Boarding Point: Haddo Warf
  • Departure time: 16:00 hrs
  • Arrival time: 13:00 hrs (next day)
  • Cruise Duration: 21 hours

Ticket Pricing and Schedule

Ticket prices are quite affordable. You can view them on our booking page. For the latest schedule, give us a call or ask us by filling out the enquiry form on our booking page.

Tickets are subject to availability, which unfortunately depends upon the weather conditions. You can expect continuous availability year-round, barring the peak monsoon season when the sea gets a little rough at times.

Things to keep in mind before boarding the cruise

  1. Only double-vaccinated guests are allowed onboard.
    1. Make sure you are double vaccinated as Port Blair has a limited supply of on-demand covid vaccines. It is highly unlikely that you will be allowed by the Andaman administration to visit the Islands without double vaccination, but if you are already here without double vaccination, you might find it difficult to get a covid vaccine.
  2. Do not forget your identity card.
    1. Yes, ports in the Andaman Islands have separate management and follow strict security measures on par with airports. You will not be allowed if you forget your identity card. A digital copy or a Digi Locker copy of your identity card will suffice.
  3. Beware of sea sickness.
    1. This might or might not be your first time travelling on a ship and you might not even be aware if you are seasick. Things can get a little messy at times (literally). But don’t be afraid, you might adjust to these new circumstances and if you do not, staying indoors might help. Try focusing on what’s going around and not on the cruise’s movements. You will be fine.
  4. Report early.
    1. Arrive at the departure port at least an hour before. Security checks will take some time. 
  5. Covid protocols.
    1. With time, covid restrictions are easing but the virus continues to rage. Even if you’re fully vaccinated (which you should be), take care to follow social distancing and other safety norms.

Safety Onboard the Cruise

  1. 24-hour emergency clinic and doctor onboard.

You will not get sick (fingers crossed), but even if you do, they go your back. Coral Queen has a 24-hour on-call doctor, to take care of you and your loved ones if something goes south.

2. Well-trained professional staff to help you with your needs.

Needless to say, the staff aboard is well trained and good at their job. They practically live on this ship and are well-equipped to take care of you at all times.

3. 24/7 camera surveillance.

4. Life jackets and lifeboats.

The cruise has 2 enclosed lifeboats and life jackets for all passengers. You might find them near your cabin or bunk beds. But hey, this is neither the Titanic nor the 1900s.

Facilities Aboard the Cruise

  1. The cruise is completely air-conditioned for a comfortable journey. The HVAC system continuously intakes fresh ocean air and supplies it to the inside.
  2. The cruise has all the needs for your journey. You can even find gourmet food onboard and can take a nice cool shower whenever you feel like it.
  3. The cabins have super clean attached toilets and bathrooms with continuous water supply.
  4. The deck and upper deck are accessible, with the upper deck having better views
    1. The deck has benches installed for you to hang out and enjoy the view. You might want to hurry and grab a seat, as they get quickly occupied. 

5. All the beds and chairs are in excellent condition as the ship was recently renovated.

6. Common areas & a few accommodation classes have a common washroom, but if you mind sharing a washroom we highly recommend getting an accommodation that comes with a private bath. You will find them listed below.

Accommodation classes

Club Class Cabin

  1. If you’re a couple or just 2 people travelling, the Club Class Cabin is for you. Located on the uppermost D-Deck of the ship it has a fabulous sea view and has access to the Open Decks, a Restaurant, a Cafeteria & Bar, and the exclusive Club Lounge. 
  2. Maximum occupancy is 2 persons. 
  3. The cabin is booked as a single unit. It means you’ve to pay in full, even if you alone will be travelling.
  4. It has a queen-sized bed and an attached washroom.

Seaview Cabin

Seaview Cabin
  1. Located on the C-Deck, the Seaview Cabin provides a panoramic view of the ocean. It can accommodate 4 people and is great for family or a group of friends who wish to be together on a cruise. It has access to the open decks, the restaurant, the cafeteria & bar.
  2. Maximum occupancy: 4 persons.
  3. This too is booked as a single unit.
  4. It has a Queen Sized Bed and a Double Decker Bed.
  5. It has an attached washroom.

Interior Cabin for 4

Interior Cabin for 4
  1. Located on C-Deck, Interior Cabin again is a good choice for a family or a group of friends. It offers privacy, comfort & space. 
  2. It has access to the open decks, restaurant, cafeteria & bar.
  3. The maximum occupancy for an Interior cabin is 4 persons.
  4. Interior Cabin is also booked as a single unit.
  5. It comes with a queen-sized bed and a double-decker bed and has an attached washroom. 

Interior Cabin for 2

Interior Cabin for 2
  1. Also located on C-Deck, is great for a couple who needs privacy. 
  2. Also a great choice for those who want to enjoy the cruise activities and then retire to their room.
  3. It has access to open decks, restaurant, cafeteria & bar. 
  4. Maximum occupancy is 2 and this too can only be booked as a single unit.
  5. It has a queen-sized bed and an attached washroom.

Friends and Family Coupe

Friends and Family Coupe
  1. Located on the A-Deck, a budget-friendly option compared to the Cabins. An equivalent of first-class AC compartments of Indian Railways.
  2. Has access to open decks, restaurants, cafeteria & bar.
  3. Maximum occupancy is 4 persons and this coupe is also booked as a single unit only.
  4. It has 4 Berths and a common washroom.

Partner Coupe

Partner Coupe
  1. A budget-friendly alternative to the cabin.
  2. Located on Deck-A, it provides comfort and privacy and has access to Open Decks, Restaurants, cafeterias & bars.
  3. It can accommodate 2 people, with a queen-sized bed.
  4. You can book it as a single unit.
  5. It has a common washroom.

Sleeper Berths

  1. Located on Deck-A, these provide the most budget-friendly option to relax on a flatbed. They’re suitable for singles, backpackers, friend groups, student groups or anyone who needs to crash out after a hectic day at sea. 
  2. These have access to open decks, restaurant, cafeteria & bar.
  3. Only a single person can occupy a sleeper berth.
  4. They have a common washroom.


  1. Located on B-Deck, seats provides the most budget-friendly option on short routes. It is suitable for those who desire to be on the cruise yet more on open decks, cafeteria or bar. Seats on this ship are equivalent to AC chair car seats on a train.
  2. They have access to open decks, restaurant, cafeteria & bar and share a common Washroom.

Activities Onboard the Cruise

Now comes the part that will make your journey enjoyable and memorable. The cruise comes loaded with activities to keep you engaged night long and keep wanting more. The only catch is if you can keep up with them all night. So with all the ‘important’ stuff now covered, let’s dive into the fun.

Pirate’s Den

Pirate’s Den

Situated on the B deck is the Pirate’s Den, the only place in Andaman and Nicobar Islands where you can party late through the night. This is where you can enjoy to your heart’s content.

It has a dance floor, a DJ, a bar, and live music.

Cafe By The Sea

Cafe by the Sea

Located on the C Deck, Cafe By The Sea gives you a mesmerizing view of the ocean and the taste of quick delicacies. It is sheltered from the rain and even has a designated smoking area.

Open Sky Lounge

Open Sky Lounge

Located on the D Deck, the Open Sky Lounge gives you a panoramic sea view. It has deck chairs, where you can relax and feel the wind in your hair. You can even enjoy dining and barbeque in the Open Sky Lounge if the weather permits.

Cruiser’s hot buffet

Cruiser’s Hot Buffet

Located on the A deck, the Cruiser’s Hot Buffet offers you meals straight out of the kitchen. Situated indoors, it is an Indian cuisine buffet.

Global Pot Pourri

Global Pot Pourri
Global Pot Pourri

A la carte restaurant situated on the C Deck. Here you’ll find on-demand Indian Continental and Chinese cuisine with an ocean view and soothing music. Try out freshly baked pizza, kebab and work-tossed noodles.

The Club Lounge

The Club Lounge

Located on D deck is the Club Lounge which is open to the ocean on two sides. It serves drinks and tea and has a complimentary 24/7 coffee and cookies counter along with some of the best views Coral Queen has to offer.

Telescopic star gazing

A clear night sky on the Coral Queen will show you more stars than the hazy night skies of the cities. Trust me, the night sky from the Andaman Islands and especially from the cruise will be among the best and most memorable night skies you’ll ever see. And if you are with your loved one, then this might be the time to get romantic or even pop in the question 😉.

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